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21ADA Delegator NFTs

Thank you for delegating with 21ADA! 

As a token of our appreciation (pun intended), we would like to send you a non-fungible-token (NFT).

If you have entered for the bonus NFT, you will receive that too! 
If you are one of our 6 figure delegators you will also receive a VIP NFT with only 21 minted.



Delegated prior to Epoch 268 with at least 500 ADA? You qualify for an NFT + bonus!

If you have delegated between Epoch 267 & Epoch 269 you will also get a bonus NFT:

  • Must be delegated with 21ADA for a minimum of 3 epochs

  • Delegation minimum of 1,000 ADA

Delegated after Epoch 269:

  • Must be delegated with 21ADA for a minimum of 3 epochs

  • Delegation minimum of 1,000 ADA


Before sending 3 ADA please confirm that you meet these requirements.
You can do so by checking the delegation center in your Daedalus or Yoroi.

*What if I am not delegated for 3 epochs?
You will be refunded minus the transaction fee & can try again in a couple epochs.  

Please follow these steps:

1. Send *3 ADA from your Cardano wallet staked with 21ADA to the address below. (No exchanges please)









*Why am I sending 3 ADA? 
When you send 3 ADA, from the wallet staked with our pool, we can confirm you are delegated with us.
This allows us to only send NFTs to our 
awesome delegators who want them!

2. Fill in the form below with your:​

  • Transaction ID for the 3 ADA transaction.

  • Cardano Wallet Address.

  • Email *This is not mandatory & we will only contact you if your TX ID can't be located unless consent is given for future notifications*


3. Submit.
    Your NFT will arrive shortly along with your 3 ADA minus the transaction fee.


Address-Delegation Proof-2021-06-06T1304