We're 21ADA! 


The 21ADA stake pool has a mission to empower those who need it the most by donating 21% to charities.
The fairness and leverage the Cardano blockchain can bring to developing countries is undeniably huge and we want to help. We have selected Run For Water to receive these donations.

So why the number 21 you might ask?

21 has many meanings but we chose it because it has roots in perfection, integrity & powerful unity. It also means a time for new beginnings and changes.

Finally, because this whole idea was put into action in 2021

and well it's just catchy!

Why water?

We know how critical clean drinking water is to sustaining fitness, health and life.

Estimates are that 1 billion people on our planet do not have access to a reliable source of clean water! The lack of a water source also means children, particularly young girls, cannot go to school. It means women cannot tend to their family or pursue a livelihood. Instead they spend their days attending to their daily water needs, frequently walking for hours to fetch water that is unsanitary.


Access to clean water is foundational to securing health, education and economic well-being.

Our donation to Run For Water goes to giving people in the most rural areas of Ethiopia access to clean water!

Join us!