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Earn $ADA every 5 days!

Ticker: 21ADA

Pool ID: f3efb842c77895dde51e95e54d9c309da599631ef31216bcfea11083

By staking with 21ADA you also earn these coins: 

$DANA - claim here

$DRIP - claim here

$INDY - claim here

$PoSH - claim here

& $REP - coming soon

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Stakepool Stats

Staking ADA is 100% safe.

Here's why:
1) You never have to transfer ADA to a stake pool.
2) The delegation mechanism does not require any control over your funds. You ONLY delegate your right to participate in the protocol. So, when you delegate to a stake pool, you only allow them to produce blocks on your behalf, but you NEVER give up control of your funds.
3) When you delegate, your funds are NEVER locked, you have spending power over your funds at any time. 
4) To delegate your stake to a stake pool you need to do it from a Cardano wallet. 
5) If the stake pool that you were delegating to retires, stops working, or any other bad performance issue, you re-delegate your stake to another stake pool.  Your funds are always secure under your control. 
6) Stake pools do not have any control over the rewards distribution. Any rewards earned by delegating your stake are distributed automatically by the protocol. Stake pool operators have no control over this process. 
7) Delegating is secure and never puts your funds at risk. 
8) Rewards from an Epoch are distributed 2 Epochs later and those are added to your wallet balance and it is automatically delegated to the stake pool that your wallet is delegating to. 
9) Once rewards are added, you can always spend those rewards anytime as part of your wallet’s balance.



Fully redundant & scalable.

Hardened for top-notch SSH security surpassing RSA 2048/4096 with the latest Ed25519 in addition to management database stored behind AES-256GCM with salted key.

100% renewable energy consumption

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Furthering the Decentralization and Adoption of Cardano while educating, creating & giving back!

21% of the pool's operational profits, aka not delegator's rewards, are donated to funding a water well for a rural community in Ethiopia. 


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My name is Jami or @thinkgrowcrypto on Social Media.

21% of profit is donated


21% goes to RUN FOR WATER:

  • Yes! 21% of the pool's profit is donated to the Run for Water charity. 

  • They built one of the first wells, that we know of, funded by Bitcoin donations!

  • When the fund reaches it's goal of $20,000.00 it will be released to build a water well! We look forward to fully funding the first well and many more!

  • This Charity has been working in Ethiopia for 15 years to provide clean water development in under-privileged communities in rural Ethiopia amongst other ways of empowering the locals with a focus on women and children.

  • For transparency we keep a record of donation receipts on the Cardano blockchain! 

    Update:The water well has been funded and construction will begin soon. We are now funding a second well

    Donation Receipts: 

What is Cardano?

When most people think of blockchain technology, they think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But there's so much more to blockchain than just digital money!

Take Cardano, for example. It's a 3rd generation blockchain built by a decentralized community of scientists, engineers, and thought leaders united in a common purpose: 
to create a technology platform that will ignite the positive change the world needs.

A platform built for a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems. Blockchain technology holds the answer to a number of legacy challenges, whether financial, societal, or technological.

Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change. So if you're looking for somewhere to make your mark on the world – look no further!

Pool's fee

Costs to stake:
Pool's fee: 340 fee & 2% margin

Stake pools charge two forms of rates: fixed fees and margin fees (also called variable fee).

Pools are required to charge a fixed fee of 340 ADA per epoch. This is not a cost that each delegator pays and is split by everyone proportional to their stake. After the fixed fee has been deducted, the margin, or variable fee, is a percentage taken from the pool's overall rewards per epoch. These premiums go to the pool's owners to help them meet their operating expenses.

Prior to distributing rewards to delegators, fees are excluded from the overall rewards received by the pool. A pool does not charge any fees if it does not make any blocks. Delegators are not charged fees directly.

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